Current status

  • Compact single-screen GUI
  • Both static and dynamic playlists are supported
  • Album/Track/Playlist/Collection random supported, repeat supported
  • Library and media file scanning supported
  • Gestures supported for working with lists - see the gestures page for details.
  • Intelligent drag'n'drop from collection/browser to the playlist using gestures.
  • Built-in file browser and collection browser
  • Album cover auto-downloading.
  • A very simple Wiki support.
  • Several file formats are now supported.
  • Configurable tag formatter allows customizing the playlist items, the player tracker and the notification message.
  • Ported to newest SDK (1.0-r1) - it is no longer compatible with m15-rc15
  • Lyrics browser
  • SkreemR support (through the Android search functionality)
  • Magnatune support
  • Shoutcast radio station support, including search for a genre.
  • LRC karaoke lyrics support. You can put LRC files along with your audio files (the LRC file must have the exact same name as the audio file, save for the extension which must be .lrc); if the local LRC file is missing then it is downloaded from .
  • Synchronizing with and listening to the Ampache service. Moreover, Ambient now implements its own embedded Ampache server - this way you can synchronize with and listen to tracks stored on another Android device. More

Short-term goals

  • Resize of buttons/cover viewer, depending on the screen resolution
  • Ambient fails to load the "year" tag for some tracks. A bug in Entagged library.
  • The player should by default start in beginner mode - in this mode some advanced features could be turned off (for example the Dynamic playlist, some of the repeat/random combination, the track formatting options in the configuration dialog etc). Generally, in this mode the player should be usable very easily and intuitively (as a true Google application :-)
  • The repeat/random options functionality may be bugged, especially with the Dynamic playlist.

Long-term ideas for next development

  • Graphical analyzers, Visualizations (makes sense when the player is on A/C power).
  • Video is currently not supported. A simple video playback support is planned.

Items which will never be ported from Amarok

  • CD Audio burning / playing
  • The Devices Tab