The mobile devices controls are often limited: mostly only a handful of buttons is present on the device, some devices having a touchscreen/stylus. To overcome drawbacks of these limited controls we employ gestures.

Gestures are a quick and easy way to copy multiple tracks from the Collection browser and File browser to the playlist. You can use them to reorder tracks in the playlist aswell.

Stylus/Touchscreen gestures

Most of the list components employed by the Ambient player supports stylus gestures (similar to mouse gestures present in browsers for example).

Full list of supported gestures:

  • R : select all item
  • RD : select multiple items
  • RU : deselect all items
  • Click : activates an item.
    • Playlist: starts playing the track,
    • File browser: opens a directory, or adds given track to the playlist.
    • Collection: opens specified category, or adds given track to the playlist.
  • L : remove an item (playlist), or go back (file browser and collection browser)
  • LU , LD : You can move selected tracks up and down in the playlist, or drag them into another list component. For example:
    • Playlist: Moves selected tracks up and down in the playlist
    • Collection, File browser: Starts dragging selected items - these items can be dropped into the playlist.

The gesture is a collection of moves. For example, to activate the RU gesture, you have to move the stylus R ight and then U p.

Keypad gestures

These gestures somewhat imitate the stylus gestures, however these gestures are performed using arrow and dpad center keys - just press the buttons in the order as described below:

  • Center : Activates an item
  • U , D : Simply moves the cursor.
  • RD : enters selection mode. Items are selected by pressing the U , D arrow keys. To leave this mode, press Center button. Pressing the Center button also copies selected items into the clipboard. These items can then be pasted into another listview by pressing the L +Center combo.

    Pressing the R button in this mode will cause all items to be selected.

  • RU : deselect all items
  • RR : enters the selection mode and selects all items.
  • LL : deletes/removes the selected items from the list.
  • LU , LD : enters item move mode. Selected items are moved up/downwards the playlist as the U and D buttons are pressed. To leave this mode, press Center button. This will deselect the items aswell.
  • LC : Paste previously selected items before the currently selected item.