The Configuration

Use this screen to configure Ambient.

Ambient configuration screen

The following settings are available:


  • Directories to scan : a colon-separated list of directories which the collection will do scanning on. By default only the memory card will be scanned. Be careful when adding other filesystem paths - current algorithm cannot detect cycles in the filesystem graph (created by symlinks) and may end in an endless loop.
  • Collection auto-rescan when track is missing : perform a full collection re-scan when a track is in the collection but missing on the filesystem.
  • Download album covers : Downloads covers for albums currently being played from the internet into the cache. The covers are not re-downloaded again unless they expire from the cache.
  • Max. Cover cache size (kb) : Maximum cache for cover images.

    Note : When the Don't download new covers on full cache is turned off, it is strongly recommended to set this value higher than 128. On smaller cache size the cached images may get purged quickly from the cache, causing frequent cover re-downloading. We recommend a value of 4 * number_of_albums .

  • Don't download new covers on full cache : Controls the cache behavior on cache overflow. If true then new cover images will not be downloaded. If false then old covers will be removed prior downloading new covers. In either case, obsolete covers (covers for which there is no album in the collection) will be removed on cache overflow.
  • Purge cache : Removes all covers from the cache.


  • Dynamic Playlist: history length : how many tracks to keep after the currently played track.
  • Dynamic Playlist: upcoming track count : how many tracks to show before the currently played track.
  • Playlist track display format : use this formatting to display items in the playlist. See tag formatting for details.
  • Don't show repeating tags : if unchecked then every playlist item will (depending on the format string) display all track tags. If checked, then only tags different to the tags of the previous track will be displayed (i.e. the tag being repeated will be empty).
  • Remember playlist on exit : If checked then the current playlist will be stored when the player is closed.


  • Next track notification : Controls how long the notification will be shown when player moves to the next track.
  • Notification location on screen : Where on screen will the notification be shown.
  • Short notification format : use this formatting to display short notification. See tag formatting for details.
  • Long notification format : use this formatting to display long notification. See tag formatting for details.
  • Preview : shows the current notification.
  • Notify only when minimized : Show the notification only when the main screen is invisible (Ambient is running in background).


  • Player ticker format : the formatting string for the player ticker. See tag formatting for details.
  • Gap between tracks (ms) : Put a gap between tracks when playing a playlist. Time is in milliseconds.
  • Task switcher always visible : If selected then the task switcher (located in the upper section of the main screen) will always be visible. If de-selected, the task switcher will be accessible using the Menu button.