Ambient changelog

Release History

Version Date Description
0.4 ??? 2009
0.3.1 17. November 2008
0.3 28. October 2008
0.2 6. September 2008
0.1 9. April 2008

Release 0.4 - ??? 2009

Type Changes By
update Migrated to Android 1.5 vyzivus
add The "back" key now cancels the gestures/search vyzivus
add Detailed touch/keypad gesture hints are now shown when necessary. vyzivus
fix Fixed: ButtonBar: ENTER key was ignored vyzivus
update Bump to 1.0-r2 android vyzivus
fix Keypad gestures: ENTER key now works the same as the CENTER key vyzivus
update Tasks are now resizable - activate the main menu and select "Resize" vyzivus
update Better offline handling: no connections are made when the phone is not connected to the internet and the online mode is enabled. vyzivus
update Dynamic playlist history files are now shown in grey color vyzivus
add Added tips/descriptions for some actions vyzivus
fix Notification now displays correct track length vyzivus
add Added the "Repopulate" action which repopulates a dynamic playlist vyzivus
add Added "Refresh" button to the file browser vyzivus
add ampache sync for just playlist Fixes 2295961&atid=1033416 . vyzivus
update The FileBrowserController now starts in /sdcard instead of in the root directory vyzivus
update The "Year" button is now checked when activated vyzivus
update You can now use Enter to push buttons on the ButtonBar vyzivus
fix Fixed NullPointerException when NEXT on last track was pressed vyzivus
update The Static/dynamic property of the playlist is now displayed vyzivus
fix Fixed: the list view background changes to black when touch-scrolling its contents vyzivus
add Search of items using keypad now supported vyzivus
fix ampache browsing with "the" Fixes 2482650&atid=1033416 . vyzivus
update Multiple zoom levels are now supported vyzivus
fix Fixed crash when Android-on-OpenMoko keyboard activates vyzivus
fix Fixed I18n for x artists, x genres, ... vyzivus
update FileBrowser now asks for confirmation when deleting files vyzivus

Release 0.3.1 - 17. November 2008

Type Changes By
fix Ampache connection dies - caused by the WiFi to go off when the display dims. Thanks to Christian McHugh. Fixes 2280254&atid=1033413 . vyzivus
update Improved error reporting. Fixes 2290534&atid=1033413 . vyzivus
fix State not restored properly. Fixes 2249908&atid=1033413 . vyzivus
add ButtonBar now scrolls buttons to reveal hidden buttons when the screen resolution is low. vyzivus
add Intro screen. Fixes 2217665&atid=1033416 . vyzivus
fix Player+Ampache: should reconnect automatically. Fixes 2258156&atid=1033413 . vyzivus
remove Removed the "autoRescan" functionality as MediaStore does not support no such functionality vyzivus
fix Fixed: The Notification icon would stay visible even when the playback was stopped due to an error. vyzivus
update Updated icons from Amarok2 vyzivus
fix Fixed: Buttons and browser/playlist items are hard to finger-tap Fixes 2217244&atid=1033413 . vyzivus
fix Fixed: PlayerService randomly throws IllegalStateException on stop() vyzivus
add Should use notification area ability of android Fixes 2216848&atid=1033416 . vyzivus
fix Fixed several memory leaks. vyzivus
fix Fixed 2216792: Crash on orientation change. Fixes 2216792&atid=1033413 . vyzivus
fix Fixed 2216639: No left/right trackball scrolling on menus Fixes 2216639&atid=1033413 . vyzivus
fix Ampache rejects the handshake with 403 even when valid credentials are supplied. Thanks to Christian McHugh. Fixes 2216785&atid=1033413 . vyzivus
fix IP address of the device was shown in reverse order vyzivus
fix Fixed a compilation error on Java5 vyzivus

Release 0.3 - 28. October 2008

Type Changes By
add Added support for displaying progress of background tasks vyzivus
update Collection browser now shows the Track/Album/... strings in italics for better readability vyzivus
fix Save Playlist activity now shows the dialog caption vyzivus
update Collection browser now sorts tracks by their album order vyzivus
update Prepend the track number with zero if it is a single digit number vyzivus
update Ambient now uses Android MediaStore instead of its own table to query for media files. vyzivus
add Clicking a track in search results controller now adds the track at the end of the playlist. vyzivus
add FileBrowser can now delete files. Only files from /sdcard can be deleted (for safety reasons). vyzivus
add Device IP address is now displayed when the embedded Ampache server is started and the device is connected to WIFI access point. vyzivus
add Ambient has now a small embedded Ampache server. You can now browse tracks stored on an other device and synchronize with the other device like with a common Ampache server. vyzivus
add Ampache: support for browsing a collection, searching and playback added. vyzivus
fix Drag'n'drop from GroupingManager fails with IllegalStateException vyzivus
fix Cover cannot be stored when the album name contains slashes vyzivus
fix When switching the offline mode on, covers are now auto-downloaded when missing. vyzivus
add Added support for M3U/PLS/XSPF/WPL playlists vyzivus
update Migrating to SDK 1.0-r1 vyzivus
update Display the currently played track in italics vyzivus
add Add support for refreshing and re-download downloaded karaoke. vyzivus
add Karaoke: allow user to select correct karaoke when server returns multiple choices. vyzivus
update Restored full search support, added support for searching for a Shoutcast genre and Magnatune tracks. vyzivus
add Added support for offline mode. When offline, the player will refuse to perform online tasks. vyzivus
fix Collection browser is now updated when rescan finishes vyzivus
add All long-running/online operations are now run in background. vyzivus
update Some performance fixes. vyzivus
fix Fixed: when clicking on seekbar the playback will start from the beginning rather than from the requested time. vyzivus
fix Regression: The track name in the player task did not scroll when too large. vyzivus

Release 0.2 - 6. September 2008

Type Changes By
update Temporarily disabled support for local track and playlists searching due to Android API change. Currently only SkreemR search works. vyzivus
update Playlist manager now manages stored playlists as well vyzivus
add Lyrics, wiki and Karaoke functionality moved to a special "Context" page. vyzivus
add Added experimental support for karaoke LRC file format. vyzivus
update Migrating to SDK 0.9-beta vyzivus
update Support for Shoutcast radio stations added. vyzivus
update Long-running operations stability improved. vyzivus
remove Removed the fullscreen main menu. vyzivus
update Album/Artist names are now modified on rescan: the "The" word is moved at the end. vyzivus
update The 'R' gesture now selects all items. vyzivus
add Added simple Statistics. vyzivus
add Added Magnatune support. vyzivus
fix Ambient now reinitializes database when the db table structure is changed vyzivus
update Player now stops when playback error occurs vyzivus
add auto-rescan option implemented vyzivus
add SkreemR support added vyzivus, apache777
fix Track scanning crashed with NullPointerException vyzivus

Release 0.1 - 9. April 2008

Type Changes By
update Queue order is now being displayed vyzivus
add Two new random modes added - Album/Playlist and Album/Track vyzivus
update The task switcher can be configured to be displayed as an Android menu. vyzivus
fix Fixes 1929462&atid=1033413 . vyzivus
fix Fixes 1930404&atid=1033413 . vyzivus
fix Fixes 1931524&atid=1033413 . vyzivus
update GUI facelift. vyzivus
update ListView now shows textual hints of gestures. vyzivus
add Keypad gestures added. vyzivus
update The project is now fully built using Maven2 vyzivus
add Drag'n'Drop activity now attaches a small info about the dragged content to the cursor vyzivus
add New ButtonBar components added. vyzivus
add Searching for tracks and playlists support added. vyzivus
update Collection now scans all supported file formats vyzivus
update Project migrated to Android M5-RC15. vyzivus
add Added lyrics viewing support vyzivus
add Added experimental Slovak translation. vyzivus
add The player now optionally remembers its state; you can now store/load playlists vyzivus
update Entagged used as a tag parser vyzivus
add Cover downloader vyzivus
add New Background Image with a nice theme apache787
add player now puts optional gap between tracks vyzivus
add Configurable next-track notification added. vyzivus
add Tag formatter implemented vyzivus
add Configuration activity implemented vyzivus
add Wiki browsing support added vyzivus
add Drag'n'drop implementation vyzivus
add Added support for moving tracks vyzivus
update The project is moved to SourceForge. vyzivus
add Unittests added, to test the playlist backends. vyzivus
add Filebrowser implemented. vyzivus
add Mouse gestures are supported for list-like views. vyzivus
add Added player and a collection browser. vyzivus
add Site added. vyzivus