Filing bugs

Please feel free to submit bugs and/or feature requests on the SourceForge page. This page contains a link of the issue tracker.

If Ambient crashes (either an Exception notification is open, or Android states that Ambient crashed and will be closed forcefully), please try to include a so-called StackTrace into the bug report. Stacktrace helps very much in pin-pointing the problem.

Getting a stacktrace

Getting correct stacktrace is not easy on cell phones and writing down the stacktrace is very tedious task indeed. Please be patient as the stacktrace really helps.

To get the stack trace, just start the Dev Tools application. If there is no such application in your device there is probably nothing you can do as the application is not directly downloadable (as far as I know).

In the "Dev Tools" application, navigate to the Exception Browser and try to find the "correct" exception :) (Not an easy task. You can for example trigger the bug multiple times and search for a repeating exception. Or, you can remember the Exception class if Ambient reports it to you, and search for the Exception class). Just click the exception and a stacktrace will be shown.

You don't need to type entire stacktrace. Here's a simple walkthrough :)

  • If there are no lines containing "sk.baka.ambient" string in the entire stacktrace then you are most probably looking on a stacktrace produced by some other application. In such case, try another exception :)
  • First, try to find last "Caused by: " line. If no such line exists, ignore this step. If you found the line, then only the "Caused by: " line and the following lines are relevant - you may ignore previous lines.
  • Copy the first line (the "Caused by: " line, or the very first line if no "Caused by" lines are present).
  • If the next line contains "sk.baka.ambient" then just copy this line and two-three more lines. You can omit the "sk.baka.ambient" string. You can scroll the stacktrace by using cursor keys or using a touchpad.
  • If the next line starts with "android.", there is probably little I can do as it may be a bug in Android. However, you can try to copy as many lines as possible until a "sk.baka.ambient" line (including the sk.baka.ambient line and two-three more lines), perhaps I can help.
  • If the next line does not start with "android." nor "sk.baka.ambient", just copy as many lines as possible until first "sk.baka.ambient" line (including the sk.baka.ambient line and two-three more lines).